Hans Rose’s Life & Legacy

My dad couldn’t talk or stay awake much the last few months of his life but he was able to muster up the words, “I love you, Tammy” one more time and said, “They’re all waiting for me” before gently passing away in his sleep on October 17, 2018, at 9:30 A.M.  My mother & I knew exactly who he was talking about, his best friends, Jim Mueller, Bill Yellin & his grandfather, Hermann Rose who are already in Heaven.  I can hear them all say with laughter, the party has just begun.

I’ll always remember our last conversation which centered around the many trips my dad took me on, my favorite to this day is Disneyland in California. My dad lit up like a Christmas tree as we reminisced about our days at the Magic Kingdom. While I was excited to experience every ride, my mom shouted in fright while on Space Mountain vowing to never return.  My dad and I always got a good chuckle from that memory.  I was also able to show him through FaceTime one of his favorite travel spots in the Bahamas where my dad scored a bunch of silver statues before we boarded a cruise ship.

While I was afforded the luxury of traveling the world, my dad almost lost his life at a very young age trying to survive the aftermath of World War II.   After almost starving to death in the Traunstein Refugee Camp, his family immigrated to America in 1957.  I’ve always believed it was his humble beginnings that motivated him to make sure everyone else around him was taken care of. He never forgot his German roots and would often fly back to East Germany before the Berlin wall came down to bring his relatives’ basic necessities they couldn’t afford or get on their own.  Hans was like a Santa Claus to so many people taking loved ones on lavish vacations and offering up his home to anyone who needed a place to stay.

Ever since I was a little girl, my dad told me intriguing stories about our German heritage that would not only inspire me to write several books but launch my career as a journalist.  Thank you, Dad, for your love and support and teaching me to keep going no matter how bad things may seem.

Click on the video links below as we say goodbye to the greatest man I knew.

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It’s been a wild ride in ABC’s SkyEye 13 covering several high-speed chases in Houston, Texas within a week.


I’ve covered quite a few high-speed chases from a helicopter in my career over the years but 3 in a week is a bit unusual. Every time I’m in the air covering this type of breaking news, I can’t help but think of my 4 colleagues we lost on July 27, 2007, in Phoenix, Arizona.

A wild high-speed police chase in Houston, Texas on Mar 14, 2018.

A police chase across Houston in morning rush hour ends in SWAT taken down the suspect on  March 22, 2018.


Standoff with a suspect accused Of shooting a cop in Cypress Hills.






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Bar interviews 4 out of 25 witnesses in latest bar complaint against Arias’ Prosecutor Juan Martinez

Attorneys hope to reinstate a bar complaint against Prosecutor Juan Martinez as more evidence of professional misconduct surfaces.  Click on the link below to read the appeal.

Juan Martinez Bar Complaint Appeal



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Back in time with another former Berlitt homeowner

I was recently contacted by a Günter Waschke…whose family bought my great-grandparents home in Berlitt in 1945. It means so much to me that so many people have reached out to me after completing my dad’s documentary. Here’s part of my interview from overseas.
Günter Waschke
Tammy Rose
“What can you tell me about my great-grandparents Helene & Richard Pein?
Günter Waschke
 “I was 4 years, so I do not remember much. Helene loved me as little Günter because her son Günter was killed in the war. From Richard, I have no rememberings. As he was the mayor of Berlitt he was regarded as bad Nazi by the upcoming Communists. They forced him to move to Granzow on his second farm. His farm in Berlitt was expropriated and divided into small farms distributed to refugees from East Germany like my mother and me. The same process was conducted with the big farm of Earl/Graf Königsmark who had committed suicide visiting the Russians. You have seen his castle near the church of Berlitt.”


Tammy Rose
“Thanks so much for the information. Why did your parents leave the farm? My dad thought our old farm was purchased by a polish couple who worked for my great-grandparents.”

 Günter Waschke

“No polish workers bought the farm. He was expropriated and the farm was divided into small pieces which were given to German refugees. The political idea was “Junkerland in Bauernhand”. If there were polish workers as prisoners of the Nazis they moved back to Poland after the end of the war.”

Tammy Rose

“What else can you tell me about that time period and our old house?”


  “My mother and I fled from our original home in the near of Posen/Poznan ln January 1945 by foot and took only what we could carry. I cried because I forgot my doll called Ria. We lived after the war in the right part of Pein’s house, seen from the street side, until 1950. Then my mother and I left Berlitt because my father who was a prisoner of war was set free and moved to West Germany. Additionally, it was better to go to the west because Berlitt had become part of the communist German Democratic Republic under the goodwill of Stalin. Last year I have been in Berlitt visiting my cousin who lives still there.”
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Sex, lies & a little bit of video.

The fiery prosecutor who became famous for putting Jodi Arias behind bars is now facing some serious accusations himself. The State Bar of Arizona confirms another ethics complaint was filed against Maricopa County Attorney Juan Martinez.  According to Freelance Reporter Tammy Rose, the complaint was filed on February 24, 2017 after text messages surfaced between trial blogger, Jen Wood, and herself indicating the attorney may have outed one juror while having an inappropriate relationship with another during the Arias sentencing retrial in October 2014.

Rose says the explosive 25-page bar complaint reads like the book, ’50 Shades of Grey’.  Wood talks about a steamy romance she had with the prosecutor to Rose over numerous forms of communication.

Incriminating messages also indicate Wood was privy to sealed information, such as juror names including Juror 17 who was the lone holdout for a life sentence.  According to Rose, Wood told her that Juan asked her to find dirt on Juror 17 two days before the jury hung so that he could get her kicked off the panel. In a sealed meeting on March 3, 2015, Martinez learned from a series of juror questions who the holdout was and according to Wood’s text messages went into panic mode.

3/3/2015 1:35:36 PM(UTC-7), “He texted me what happened” (Jen Wood)
3/3/2015 1:37:02 PM(UTC-7), “PIO said juror questions can’t roll” (Tammy Rose)
3/3/2015 1:37:41 PM(UTC-7), “It’s one person who refuses to deliberate or look at pics or evidence (Jen Wood)
3/3/2015 9:58:20 PM(UTC-7), “Any chance of this ending tomorrow?” (Tammy Rose)
3/3/2015 10:02:00 PM(UTC-7), “I couldn’t help. I was bummed. So maybe.” (Jen Wood)
3/3/2015 10:02:33 PM(UTC-7), “Unless they sway her the other way it could happen.” (Tammy Rose)
3/3/2015 10:02:51 PM(UTC-7), “Yes and maybe this has scared the shit out of her” (Jen Wood)
3/3/2015 10:02:56 PM(UTC-7), “She was brought into chambers.” (Jen Wood)

Wood told Rose she found some suspicious activity on the holdout’s social media sites. At a sealed hearing the next day, Martinez targeted Juror 17 with a motion to strike. Juan attached screenshots of Juror 17’s Facebook page but apparently, it wasn’t enough for the judge to dismiss the juror so the trial hung for a second time.

Martinez is also accused of violating rules of professional conduct with regards to another juror who was dismissed. In a recorded conversation with Rose and in other exchanges with Wood, this juror admitted to talking to Martinez on his personal cell phone multiple times before the jury hung. She informed Rose that Juan used the word ‘deepthroat’ in their conversations with each other which she took as a subtle hint he may be romantically interested in her and sent Martinez a nude photograph of herself on his personal cell phone. According to this juror, Juan asked her information about two other women jurors who were still impaneled on the jury.

2/13/2015 8:49:40 PM(UTC-7) “Juror ___ has the hots for Juan.” (Jen Wood)
2/13/2015 8:49:54 PM(UTC-7), “She called him at his office.” (Jen Wood)
2/13/2015 8:49:55 PM(UTC-7), “U got nothing to worry about.” (Tammy Rose)
2/13/2015 8:50:24 PM(UTC-7), “Omg it’s weird. She’s like all over it and said she hopes I’m not seeing him like the rumors say because she feels Over the moon that he talked to her.” (Jen Wood)
2/13/2015 8:52:32 PM(UTC-7), “He better not go for her” (Jen Wood)
2/14/2015 7:49:18 AM(UTC-7), “I need to warn him. I had a bad feeling all night.” (Jen Wood)
2/14/2015 7:53:52 AM(UTC-7), “I’m meeting friend Sunday so I will check on the status.” (Jen Wood)
2/28/2015 5:11:40 PM(UTC+0), “Fucking ______ was blowing up My friend’s phone at 8:30 this morning.” (Jen Wood)
2/28/2015 5:12:32 PM(UTC+0), “He said he’s stopping it after the verdict. He didn’t answer her calls either. I said I’m worried about her telling people anything he has said and he said he’s not worried. He hadn’t said anything to worry about.” (Jen Wood)

Karen Clark, an attorney representing Arias’ interests filed the complaint which alleges a pattern of unethical conduct by the prosecutor. Arias was convicted of first-degree murder in May 2013 for killing her ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander in 2008. However, the jury was hung on the sentencing phase so Martinez ordered another trial seeking the death penalty which resulted in a second hung jury. This is the sixth bar complaint filed against Martinez since 2015 of which five have been dismissed.

Rose who says she knew about the affair between Wood and Martinez turned over her phone records voluntarily to the bar and an attorney investigating the holdout juror’s leak, after she suspected it may have had something to do with Juror 17’s information mysteriously appearing online as well as other jurors.
All of these text messages between Jen Wood & Tammy Rose were forensically verified by Karl Epps with Epps Forensic Consulting in Scottsdale, AZ.

Martinez, Wood & another unidentified woman who allegedly had an affair with the prosecutor have all denied any unethical misconduct.

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Our ‘Buried Treasure & Family Secrets’ revealed 73 years later.


Growing up my dad told me an intriguing story about my great-grandfather Richard Pein who was at one time the mayor of Berlitt. A well-respected member of the community, Pein allegedly buried gold coins worth millions of dollars beneath his pig barn shortly before the Russians invaded his small community at the end of World War II. Now, 73 years later I’ve finished a journey my ancestors couldn’t make and return to the home of where the treasure was allegedly buried.  Click on the link above to see how the story unfolds.


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73 years later I’m finishing a journey my ancestors couldn’t make.

Growing up my dad told me an intriguing story about my great-grandfather Richard Pein. A well-respected member of the community and head of the local bank, Pein allegedly buried gold coins worth millions of dollars beneath his pig barn shortly before the Russians invaded his small community at the end of World War II. Now, 73 years later I’m finishing a journey my ancestors couldn’t make, to go back to the house and see if our buried treasure is still there.

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Yes…I drank the Kool-Aid in this Jodi Arias saga.


Did a torrid affair between a trial blogger and a high profile attorney lead to one of the biggest mysteries in the Jodi Arias sentencing retrial? Who was responsible for leaking the holdout juror’s information online? Freelance Reporter Tammy Rose blogs about her experience while covering the trial that led to another Arizona Bar complaint filed against the fiery Maricopa County Prosecutor Juan Martinez.

It was a bit overwhelming covering the sentencing retrial for Jodi Arias who was convicted of first-degree murder in May 2013 because I was not in the courtroom for the original case. I was a Helicopter Reporter for 3 television stations in Phoenix, AZ and would report on what I saw from up above. Hundreds of people from all over the world would line up in front of the courthouse hoping to get a front row seat to see the young, attractive girl accused of killing her 30-year-old ex-boyfriend, Travis Alexander, at his Mesa, Arizona home on June 4, 2008.

This time around, I would be inside the courtroom working as a Freelance Reporter for KFYI, CBS News, 24/7 Radio and filming a web series called ‘Obsessed Trial Watchers’ for my company, Chopper Rose Productions.

It was the first full week of the Jodi Arias trial in October 2014 when I ran into this beautiful, blonde woman typing on her computer in the courthouse cafeteria during one of our lunch breaks. She had a radiant, warm smile and when she looked up at me, I recognized her as the same woman who appeared with me on HLN’s panel of experts the week before discussing the upcoming trial.

We only knew each other for a short time, but it was a fast forming friendship we enjoyed inside the courtroom as well as outside. We shared the same birthday and only lived 5 minutes apart from each other so we would often commute to the courthouse. Since Jen wasn’t employed by a television or radio station, many of us who worked for mainstream media would interview her as a trial watcher and I was thrilled to add her to my ‘Obsessed Trial Watchers’ show which highlighted the craziness that went on behind the scenes. She was very articulate and knowledgeable about this particular case. However, when she talked about her ‘so called’ sources, things didn’t always add up so I was very careful with what information I used, sticking strictly to what Jen observed inside the courtroom. For example, she would tell me she got some of her information from a good friend of hers….a CNN Reporter by the name of Keri Lee who was not inside the courtroom covering the trial.

I thought that was odd since the person CNN hired to cover the trial was sitting next to me in the media room and his name was Mitchell Pietz who owns Desert Sky Media, a production company out of Prescott. So I asked Jen to show me some of Keri’s work. She pulled out her cell phone and showed me a Facebook page, which looked fake to me. That’s when I noticed another white lie of hers from an interview she did with Adam Slinger of KNXV-TV 15. She had stated that she had a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice and that she attended Northern Arizona University, both facts I confirmed from a school representative to not be true.

I didn’t think much of these small white lies until we had a very interesting night of wine and girl talk at my house. On January 9, 2015, I received a strange instant message on Facebook from Samantha Williams, a woman I never heard of so when Jen arrived at my house later that night, I asked my friend about it.



“We need to help Jen get ahead if you know what I mean. She is such a control freak but we need to push her ahead, I love her so much. She has helped me so much. love you too.”



She told me that Samantha Williams was a crazy internet stalker from California who sent her gifts and text messages nonstop. So I told her to block her, which eventually I did after Jen told me that Samantha Williams also goes by the name of Juanstie on Twitter and shockingly told me that she was also Keri Lee, the girl she had told me about earlier who had reportedly worked for CNN.  However, the phone number Jen provided me linked up to a Samantha Williams account who was an administrator on her Trial Diaries Fan page.  Why would a crazy stalker be helping Jen run her business?  According to Jen, she never spoke to this Keri Lee on the phone.  She only communicated with her via the internet. This person would make my life a living hell for the next two years blowing up my phone which led to me filing a police report.  This person would call, then hang up or leave threatening text messages.  This pattern would happen to a lot of other people in the trial world.

Just when I thought the night couldn’t get any weirder Jen revealed a secret of her own that at first was hard to comprehend but all made sense to me now. She told me she was having an affair with Arias’ Prosecutor Juan Martinez and that it had been going on for a year and a half. I knew Juan had a live-in girlfriend and that Jen was married but as far as I was concerned what two consenting adults did behind closed doors was their own business. However, as the trial progressed Jen continued to push the envelope and eventually crossed lines that I couldn’t be a part of.  As far as I knew up to this point, none of the information Jen was acquiring was sealed information, only direction from Juan on where to look for documents and a heads up on who was testifying next and for how long.

As I continued to film my ‘Obsessed Trial Watchers’ show, Jen and I spent more time together and eventually I was with her, along with one of her other friends, Deb Mason, when Juan called to check in on her while we were at the Phoenix Municipal Courthouse. One of Jodi Arias’ cellmates, Cassandra Collins, filed an injunction against harassment on Jen. The hearing was on Friday, January 16, 2015, and I decided to make it part of my web series. While I was not able to film inside the courtroom, I sat and listened to the hearing and was shocked when Jen lied under oath. The affair with Juan was brought up which she denied as well as her telling the Judge she worked for KTVK, KPHO & HLN. Jen has never been employed by a radio or television station to cover news or trials. However, the media has interviewed Jen as a court watcher. While I was happy for Jen that she won her hearing, I told her that I would never lie for her if asked about the affair. I was able to film Jen and Deb as they walked outside of the courthouse and followed them to Wood’s car. As soon as we got inside the car, Juan called and I was asked to turn off my camera and be quite. This would be one of five conversations I would hear between Wood and Martinez. They usually talked about what went down that day in court, how much they missed and loved each other and how they couldn’t wait to see each other. On another occasion, I heard them making plans to meet on a Sunday at Juan’s office to which according to Jen confessed they had sex, then to help him prepare for court. My jaw dropped because now this wasn’t just an affair behind closed doors, it was happening while Juan was working on a very expensive trial paid by taxpayers and she may have had access to sealed documents. Jen said she met with Juan in his office on at least three occasions that I’m aware of during the Jodi Arias sentencing retrial, February 8, February 15 & March 1, 2015. She had another date with him on Saturday, January 24, 2015, but I do not recall where they went.

Oddly enough, I was called in for Jury duty during the Arias trial and even though I worked for the media, I couldn’t imagine having to worry about my information being leaked online and having to deal with death threats or people showing up at my house so when I suspected that Jen & Juan’s affair could have been tied to these leaks, I turned my phone records over to an attorney investigating and ended my friendship with Jen.  From there a bar complaint was filed on February 24, 2017, by Karen Clark.  Shortly after the complaint was filed, I received more threats from someone who appeared to have read the 25-page document which at that time was not of public record.  One of the first people to leak Juror 17’s name on the internet was Samantha Williams on Jen’s Fan page.  All of the text messages between Jen Wood & myself were forensically verified by Karl Epps with Epps Forensic Consulting in Scottsdale, AZ.  I have chosen not to release the text messages to the public.

I know a lot of people will think I turned on a friend but this was more about Juan Martinez because as far as I could see, he was crossing some major ethical lines but thankfully this isn’t for me or you to decide.  Jen couldn’t see how Juan was manipulating her because she was busy manipulating the trial world and swaying things the way she wanted or maybe that’s what Juan wanted. I don’t know. That’s why it’s important for this to be looked into.   If the bar believes what Jen is telling me in our phone records this case could have turned out differently.

As far as my thoughts on Jen,  I always felt she was a shining star on her own.  I wish she could have seen that in herself without resorting to so many tactics I could no longer support.

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‘Scandal in a Small Town’

It was a scandal that rocked the small town of Plymouth….Eight kids brutally murdered, the motive too shocking to comprehend. A crime FBI agent Katie Walker once thought she solved…However; a new series of murders have resurfaced and has the agent wondering if the killer is really dead.


I had just finished my intense 16-week training at Quantico, Virginia and was given my first assignment as an official FBI agent. Oddly it would be the very town I grew up in, an assignment rarely given to a new agent. In fact, your hometown was the one place you could guarantee not going to, for fear of not blending in if needed to be on an undercover assignment. It was shortly after graduating from Plymouth High School when I realized what I wanted to do with my life, protect people. I had lost the one thing dear to me, my best friend Michele Saunders to a serial killer our senior year. I had thought the murders were all behind me, neatly tucked away in the past. However, a recent “accident” at Plymouth High School seemed all too real and the feds thought we may have another killer on our hands. What didn’t make sense to me was the fact that the feds thought it might be related to earlier killings in the late 1980’s. The murders were of young high school kids, made to look like accidents. But that killer was dead, I thought. I killed him. Or Didn’t I?

Available Christmas 2017

About the Author

Scandal in a Small Town is Tammy Rose’s third novel, and she is currently working on her fourth, Tudy. Rose grew up in the small town of Plymouth, Wisconsin. After graduating from Plymouth High School in 1988, Rose received her Bachelor of Science degree in Broadcast Journalism from Northern Arizona University in 1990. Rose, the owner of Chopper Rose Productions, is a Freelance Reporter for multiple radio & tv stations across the country. Tammy got her start at WXVT-TV 15 as a Weather Anchor in Greenville, MS.  She also worked at WISN-TV 12 in Milwaukee, WI & KPNX-TV 12 in Phoenix, AZ as a Ground/Helicopter Reporter.  When she’s not reporting, she’s busy hammering away at the computer working on another book or out finding that next compelling story.

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