Yes…I drank the Kool-Aid in this Jodi Arias saga.


Did a torrid affair between a trial blogger and a high profile attorney lead to one of the biggest mysteries in the Jodi Arias sentencing retrial? Who was responsible for leaking the holdout juror’s information online? Freelance Reporter Tammy Rose blogs about her experience while covering the trial that led to another Arizona Bar complaint filed against the fiery Maricopa County Prosecutor Juan Martinez.

It was a bit overwhelming covering the sentencing retrial for Jodi Arias who was convicted of first-degree murder in May 2013 because I was not in the courtroom for the original case. I was a Helicopter Reporter for 3 television stations in Phoenix, AZ and would report on what I saw from up above. Hundreds of people from all over the world would line up in front of the courthouse hoping to get a front row seat to see the young, attractive girl accused of killing her 30-year-old ex-boyfriend, Travis Alexander, at his Mesa, Arizona home on June 4, 2008.

This time around, I would be inside the courtroom working as a Freelance Reporter for KFYI, CBS News, 24/7 Radio and filming a web series called ‘Obsessed Trial Watchers’ for my company, Chopper Rose Productions.

It was the first full week of the Jodi Arias trial in October 2014 when I ran into this beautiful, blonde woman typing on her computer in the courthouse cafeteria during one of our lunch breaks. She had a radiant, warm smile and when she looked up at me, I recognized her as the same woman who appeared with me on HLN’s panel of experts the week before discussing the upcoming trial.

We only knew each other for a short time, but it was a fast forming friendship we enjoyed inside the courtroom as well as outside. We shared the same birthday and only lived 5 minutes apart from each other so we would often commute to the courthouse. Since Jen wasn’t employed by a television or radio station, many of us who worked for mainstream media would interview her as a trial watcher and I was thrilled to add her to my ‘Obsessed Trial Watchers’ show which highlighted the craziness that went on behind the scenes. She was very articulate and knowledgeable about this particular case. However, when she talked about her ‘so called’ sources, things didn’t always add up so I was very careful with what information I used, sticking strictly to what Jen observed inside the courtroom. For example, she would tell me she got some of her information from a good friend of hers….a CNN Reporter by the name of Keri Lee who was not inside the courtroom covering the trial.

I thought that was odd since the person CNN hired to cover the trial was sitting next to me in the media room and his name was Mitchell Pietz who owns Desert Sky Media, a production company out of Prescott. So I asked Jen to show me some of Keri’s work. She pulled out her cell phone and showed me a Facebook page, which looked fake to me. That’s when I noticed another white lie of hers from an interview she did with Adam Slinger of KNXV-TV 15. She had stated that she had a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice and that she attended Northern Arizona University, both facts I confirmed from a school representative to not be true.

I didn’t think much of these small white lies until we had a very interesting night of wine and girl talk at my house. On January 9, 2015, I received a strange instant message on Facebook from Samantha Williams, a woman I never heard of so when Jen arrived at my house later that night, I asked my friend about it.



“We need to help Jen get ahead if you know what I mean. She is such a control freak but we need to push her ahead, I love her so much. She has helped me so much. love you too.”



She told me that Samantha Williams was a crazy internet stalker from California who sent her gifts and text messages nonstop. So I told her to block her, which eventually I did after Jen told me that Samantha Williams also goes by the name of Juanstie on Twitter and shockingly told me that she was also Keri Lee, the girl she had told me about earlier who had reportedly worked for CNN.  However, the phone number Jen provided me linked up to a Samantha Williams account who was an administrator on her Trial Diaries Fan page.  Why would a crazy stalker be helping Jen run her business?  According to Jen, she never spoke to this Keri Lee on the phone.  She only communicated with her via the internet. This person would make my life a living hell for the next two years blowing up my phone which led to me filing a police report.  This person would call, then hang up or leave threatening text messages.  This pattern would happen to a lot of other people in the trial world.

Just when I thought the night couldn’t get any weirder Jen revealed a secret of her own that at first was hard to comprehend but all made sense to me now. She told me she was having an affair with Arias’ Prosecutor Juan Martinez and that it had been going on for a year and a half. I knew Juan had a live-in girlfriend and that Jen was married but as far as I was concerned what two consenting adults did behind closed doors was their own business. However, as the trial progressed Jen continued to push the envelope and eventually crossed lines that I couldn’t be a part of.  As far as I knew up to this point, none of the information Jen was acquiring was sealed information, only direction from Juan on where to look for documents and a heads up on who was testifying next and for how long.

As I continued to film my ‘Obsessed Trial Watchers’ show, Jen and I spent more time together and eventually I was with her, along with one of her other friends, Deb Mason, when Juan called to check in on her while we were at the Phoenix Municipal Courthouse. One of Jodi Arias’ cellmates, Cassandra Collins, filed an injunction against harassment on Jen. The hearing was on Friday, January 16, 2015, and I decided to make it part of my web series. While I was not able to film inside the courtroom, I sat and listened to the hearing and was shocked when Jen lied under oath. The affair with Juan was brought up which she denied as well as her telling the Judge she worked for KTVK, KPHO & HLN. Jen has never been employed by a radio or television station to cover news or trials. However, the media has interviewed Jen as a court watcher. While I was happy for Jen that she won her hearing, I told her that I would never lie for her if asked about the affair. I was able to film Jen and Deb as they walked outside of the courthouse and followed them to Wood’s car. As soon as we got inside the car, Juan called and I was asked to turn off my camera and be quite. This would be one of five conversations I would hear between Wood and Martinez. They usually talked about what went down that day in court, how much they missed and loved each other and how they couldn’t wait to see each other. On another occasion, I heard them making plans to meet on a Sunday at Juan’s office to which according to Jen confessed they had sex, then to help him prepare for court. My jaw dropped because now this wasn’t just an affair behind closed doors, it was happening while Juan was working on a very expensive trial paid by taxpayers and she may have had access to sealed documents. Jen said she met with Juan in his office on at least three occasions that I’m aware of during the Jodi Arias sentencing retrial, February 8, February 15 & March 1, 2015. She had another date with him on Saturday, January 24, 2015, but I do not recall where they went.

Oddly enough, I was called in for Jury duty during the Arias trial and even though I worked for the media, I couldn’t imagine having to worry about my information being leaked online and having to deal with death threats or people showing up at my house so when I suspected that Jen & Juan’s affair could have been tied to these leaks, I turned my phone records over to an attorney investigating and ended my friendship with Jen.  From there a bar complaint was filed on February 24, 2017, by Karen Clark.  Shortly after the complaint was filed, I received more threats from someone who appeared to have read the 25-page document which at that time was not of public record.  One of the first people to leak Juror 17’s name on the internet was Samantha Williams on Jen’s Fan page.  All of the text messages between Jen Wood & myself were forensically verified by Karl Epps with Epps Forensic Consulting in Scottsdale, AZ.  I have chosen not to release the text messages to the public.

I know a lot of people will think I turned on a friend but this was more about Juan Martinez because as far as I could see, he was crossing some major ethical lines but thankfully this isn’t for me or you to decide.  Jen couldn’t see how Juan was manipulating her because she was busy manipulating the trial world and swaying things the way she wanted or maybe that’s what Juan wanted. I don’t know. That’s why it’s important for this to be looked into.   If the bar believes what Jen is telling me in our phone records this case could have turned out differently.

As far as my thoughts on Jen,  I always felt she was a shining star on her own.  I wish she could have seen that in herself without resorting to so many tactics I could no longer support.

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60 thoughts on “Yes…I drank the Kool-Aid in this Jodi Arias saga.”

  1. Interesting how you build Jen up as a huge liar and how she couldn’t be believed about anything but the “affair” with Juan. I’m not sure we can believe anything either of you say. This oddly seems like a way to get attention and the news wasn’t beneficial to you personally to bring it up while it was “happening”.

    1. I understand everyone’s frustration. This was hard on me as well because I lost a friend over it. However, I had to walk away from Jen and look into the juror leaks and from there a bar complaint was filed. I still think Jen is an incredible person and I wish her nothing but the best.

        1. When JAII posted the names of the jurors in the first trial? How about prosecuting him, William? What s fair is fair.

  2. “If the bar believes what Jen is telling me in our phone records this case could have turned out differently.”

    Nice tease, Tammy.

    Juan Martinez never pursued “justice for Travis” and that really is a shame, because this young man, no matter his Jekyll and Hyde personalities and more, was lost to family and friends who loved him. Juan only wanted a win at all costs. Against Jodi Arias. He cheated. He lied. And, in my opinion, never attained any justice for Travis, his family, or against Jodi Arias.

    As for whatever “love” Juan professed for Jen, I believe it was contrived in order to have just one more advantage in the eyes of his fans, and through the trickle down affect into the actual juror’s eyes.

    Many parties in Maricopa county, including other taxpayer paid employees are guilty of, again in my opinion and experience, colluding to obstruct justice. I’m glad to see this complaint go forward with sworn statements. What happens from here should be really interesting and will be a real test to see if Juan Martinez really is….Teflon Juan.

  3. When you say this case could have turned out differently, where do you think it could have gone? Death instead of life? I was so disappointed she got life, based on the evidence presented. Just curious what your thoughts are…

  4. Do you mean the information on the jurors that were released on Jodi Arias Is I mean I would love to see Simon prosecuted for leaking the names and addresses of the jurors myself.

  5. Maybe Juan Martinez has also manipulated me because I don’t see how you can claim he manipulated her. Because they hooked up??

  6. All I can say is that you “reporters” are all guilty of cyber-stalking, cyber-bullying and gross misconduct and an unbelievable miscarriage of justice with respect to Jodi Arias. Not one of you questioned the extremely nonsensical story the prosecutor spun. Not one of you held him to account for gross misconduct that you knew about during the trials. Not one of you sought out the truth or supported anything other than the narrative spun by the prosecutor. All you did was seek to bury the truth and harm anyone who had any evidence that was opposed to the false narrative you sought to sell.
    Good on you for having some journalistic integrity and reporting some one what you knew. However, will you ever be able to set the record straight? Will you ever have the integrity to report a story supported by the evidence? Or will you maintain the status quo and let the false narrative stand because a slime ball prosecutor simply said “this is what the evidence tells us” when the evidence he presented was never tested against simple physics, simple geometry and simple ballistics.
    Will you ever have the journalistic integrity to apologize to Jodi for robbing her of her right to a fair trial and a pool of witnesses to defend her life (for the third time I might add) against someone hell bent on killing her?

      1. Jodi is exactly where she belongs. This latest bar complaint is more about Juan and I’m sorry that it is upsetting so many people. All I did was tell the truth and whatever happens, happens.

        1. Sounds to me like u just want your 5 minutes. Had no idea who u were before reading this. The fact that you assisted a convicted psychopath in trying to ruin yet another person’s life just shows what an opportunistic, jealous hag you are. But, but, but “I just told the truth”…. Not sure why you even think this alleged affair is even relevant to the case in any way.

          1. I’ve had a career long before Jodi Arias and if I was looking for my 5 minutes of fame, I would have done the story 2 years ago. This is all coming out now because a bar complaint was filed. Thanks for your comment and have a nice day.

        2. I’d like to see proper proof of these allegations you’re making against Martinez. This smacks to me of a desperate ploy for publicity and your snitching is not cool.

          1. I would have never turned over my phone records if I thought for a second the affair was untrue. I had a hard time believing Jen about the affair because she did lie a lot until I heard Juan on the other end of her cellphone. Jen was bragging about the affair to everyone who would listen and now she isn’t talking. Very telling. I will release a press release soon once a few more witnesses have been interviewed. This story is long overdue. I have nothing to hide.

          2. Calm the heck down Carol Thomas, they don’t just file Bar Complaints without ANY proof, that’s not how it works. Otherwise you could just file complaints left and right……this woman would have made a lot more money and gained a lot more traffiuc if she releasd this years ago……I think she is telling the truth, however there are always 3 sides to every story….her side, the other side, and the truth…….

    1. I think you’re talking about the people with fake accounts who are trying to play reporters by trolling the internet. Real journalists verify our sources and investigate the information. We also get both sides.

      1. How do you “get both sides” when you have limited access, if any, to the defendant’s side (e.g. Jodi Arias in the case of her trial)? Do you think that is “by design” in our justice system, in order to silence most or all defendants while the state “publishes” its story and “poisons the well” or journalists and jurors?

    2. I agree * Justice4jodi!
      And TY Tammy for telling the truth.
      There was a case here in CT similar accusations made towards prosecutor. He was suspended, for a month. They take prosecutors conduct outside the court room seriously!!!!
      THEY are not above the law, Nor should they act like it.

  7. Tammy Rose,

    You just put your friend under the bus to get ran over. What type of snitch are you home girl. You leave Arizona to only make things hard for someone else that lives here.

    If Jen Wood was your friend, you should not have snitched on her. We all know she was sucking off Juan and i am sure you was kinda pissed it was not you. I hope this helps bring my little sister Jodi home but you need to really look at yourself in the mirror and pray. You are a snake yo and that is real talk.

    You called me to be on Nancy Grace’s show for the chance to take your shot at me. why not do it in my face at the courthouse homie. Please go pray and get it together. I had a lot of respect for you but now I look at you as a piece of shit that is trying to shine off of someone else’s name. You ain’t in Arizona no more, mine your business and shout your mouth.

    1. Kareem…it was your choice to go on the Nancy Grace show and all I said about you was that you appeared to be obsessed with Jodi. I’m sorry that hurt your feelings. If Jen was my real friend then she should have never put me in the position where she would expect me to lie for her. All I did was answer questions truthfully and a bar complaint was filed. That’s it.

    2. If you consider Tammy’s timeline, she claimed that on January 9th Jen told her she was having an affair with Juan for the past 1.5 years. This would put the beginning of the alleged affair around July/ August 2013 — well AFTER the Jodi Arias guilt verdict had come done. Martinez LOST the retrial of the guilt phase of the case. If the affair came out at that time, the best Jodi could have gotten was having the DP off the table….

      So, I’ll ask again since the initial time the question was asked, it was not answered.

      How would have the alleged affair being known changed anything?

      And, as for the allegations of ethical misconduct involving Juror 17…. some facts that were left out of the little story there, K?

      1. The Jury began to deliberate on 2-24-15. It lasted 5 days and ended with a mistrial on 3-5 because one juror was sticking to her beliefs and would not vote for the DP. Her fellow jurors were very angry with her and felt that she had an agenda. On 5-3 the 11 other jurors and the prosecutor asked the judge to replace the juror on the allegation she was biased.

      2. In a court hearing, Martinez presented to the court documents that included a screen grab of 17s Facebook page stating it showed bias and seeking outside info. Those present for the court hearing was the judge, her staff, Martinez, Flores, Arias, Wilmott, Nurmi, and the Alexander family. The request was denied. The documents were supposed to be sealed but were not immediately sealed

      3. After the mistrial was announced, the 11 other jurors gave interviews. It was obvious they were angry at juror 17 and one stated she had an agenda. Their information was released on a pro-Arias site.

      4. Around the same time, Juror 17’s information was released first by “A Twitter account expressing sympathy for the victim.”

      5. An independent attorney was hired to investigate the situation. She stated the release of juror 17’s information could not be pinpointed. She offered some possibilities:
      * The public had gained access to it during the time it was not sealed. – she recommended the court review and change it’s policies.
      * One of the other 11 jurors could have leaked the name.

      She also stated the other 11 juror’s names were released by a pro-Jodi website. It was not determined how those names were obtained.

      There are other possibilities too, such as an angry distraught family member may have leaked her name. It’s even possible that in a false flag attempt, the pro-Jodi website leaked her name to push a “prosecutorial misconduct” scenario.

      All of this information was available online.

        1. Wait….
          Just to clarify what you’re actually alleging here with your story….

          “I was called for jury duty during the Aria trial and I couldn’t imagine having to worry about my information being released online so when I began to suspect that Jen & Juan’s affair could have been tied to those leaks, I TURNED MY PHONE RECORDS OVER TO THE ATTORNEY INVESTIGATING. …. texts were forensically verified.”

          “I already know all of that and when my text messages are released you will see that Jen had juror 17’s name before that sealed hearing.”

          So, are you alleging that Katherine Baker who investigated the juror name leak had knowledge that TWO reporters were the first to have juror 17’s name and had it before the information was presented to the court but ignored it?

          Why would an attorney being paid to investigate a juror issue ignore something like that?

          And, are you alleging she filed her executive summary and lied in it by claiming the information was most likely gathered from the documents not being under seal and added the possibility of a juror sharing it but left out the fact two reporters knew her name before the leak came out.?

          Wouldn’t that be an issue of ethics that should be investigated as well?

          Curious, what was the date of that text that’s supposed to show Jen admitting she had juror 17’s name?

          Oh, and not meaning to ask it again, but I noticed you still hadn’t answered… How would the outcome of the case had changed if the affair was known about given both that according to your scenario, it didn’t start until after Jodi was convicted and Martinez had lost the retrial?

        2. You’re awfully triggered about out juror 17s info being released but not so much about the others huh? U can admit you’re a jodi fan, it’s ok

          1. I’m concerned about ALL the jurors names being released. This was an inside job and the attorney who cleared all of the court employees did not have my text messages. Another attorney had them. Yes..I should have followed up more but I didn’t. Fact is, now it’s really being investigated.

  8. I hope Martinez sues you for slander. There is absolutely no proof of an “affair.” No proof that Martinez “leaked” info to Jen Wood. No texts from Martinez to Jen. No story that Jen reported that had “inside information” that would have affected the trial. What did she report that every other reporter didn’t? Pathetic ploy for attention.

    1. The affair is a fact. And if Jen wants to sue someone, she is going to have to sue herself. Most of the information used in the bar complaint is coming directly from her.

    2. Again. The affair between Jen & Juan is a fact. If you look at Martinez’s response, he’s not denying the affairs. Just ask any lawyer. He’s only denying that he did anything unethical.

  9. I don’t know if i believe any of this all I KNOW is that Jodi is GUILTY and that is all I care about! Stop spreading rumors!!!

  10. I Read THIS! I Immediately Knew at The Hearing – Jen Wood was Committing an Open Act of Perjury at The Phoenix Municipal Court in January of 2015; in which, Jen Wood BOLD FACE LIED to The Judge about Her Employment.

    Jen Wood lied about Many Things during The Hearing.

    I also have received “Threatening Emails” from a person by the name Samantha Williams. I had people on Social Media help me figure it out that the emails are coming from Jen Wood – HERSELF!

    You need to be EXTREMELY CAREFUL.

    I have been literally been Officially Interviewed by The PhxFBI, PhxPD, and The Chief Security Officer assigned to Maricopa County Prosecuting Attorney Mr. Juan Martinez.

    Jen Wood wants EVERYONE to falsely believe that, “She was having a Marital Affair with Maricopa County Prosecuting Attorney Mr. Juan Martinez.”


    Did You Hear – The Man’s Voice – when this call was made on Jen’s Cellular Telephone?!

    Jen Wood is Extremely Manipulative and Extremely Deceptive.

    Maricopa County Prosecuting Attorney Mr. Juan Martinez is ~ A Valid Victim ~ by Jen Wood’s CONSTANT LIES.

    1. I agree with you about Samantha Williams. I got the same harassment and filed a police report. Investigators linked up the phone number with Jen’s Fan Page. She does lie a lot. I did not believe her about the affair either until I heard Juan’s voice on the other end of her phone. I’m sorry for what you went through and I’m sorry for whatever pain you are feeling with this affair. But it’s true.

      1. Thank You for Your Apology! I also reported some concerns; in your behalf, to Local Law Enforcement Officials.

        I also CONFIRMED to The PhxFBI & PhxPD that The Harassing Messages – You are receiving are coming from Jen Wood. That I am able to do for you; due to the fact, Jen Wood pulled the exact same stunt with me in The Year 2016.

        Jen Wood & Her Friend ~ Paul Sanders made My Life a NIGHTMARE!

        Thank You for Your Apology. I do appreciate that you have taken the time to offer an Apology. Thank You!

        1. You are NOT alone!

          Jen Wood has pulled – This Crap – with several people on Social Media. The Samantha Williams – CRAP!!!

          So, you will be surprised – Who will come out eventually to start supporting you.

          Many Trial Watchers do NOT like Jen Wood at all.

          Many Trial Watchers literally want Jen Wood – OFFICIALLY BANNED or OFFICIALLY TRESPASSED – from The Superior Court of Maricopa County in The State of Arizona.

          They want THIS NONSENSE TO STOP!!!

  11. DID YOU HEAR – Maricopa County Prosecuting Attorney Mr. Juan Martinez speak to Jen Wood on Her Cellular Telephone?

    Did Jen Wood place The Conversation on SPEAKER MODE; therefore, everyone could Easily Hear & Easily Distinguish that it was his voice?

    So, You are trusting and relying on ~ The Words of Jen Wood that, “Juan Martinez is on The Phone with Her.”

    In Which ~ Jen Wood has Repeatedly Proven Herself to be A Pathological Narcissistic Liar.

    Did you ever RECORD any of these so called ~ alleged conversations ~ between Jen Wood and Juan Martinez; in order, to obtain a thing called: EVIDENCE.

    Maricopa County Prosecuting Attorney Mr. Juan Martinez NEVER had a Marital Affair with Jen Wood.


    Maricopa County Prosecuting Attorney Mr. Juan Martinez is ~ A Valid Victim ~ in This Situation.

    I could ~ NEVER IMAGINE ~ Maricopa County Prosecuting Attorney Mr. Juan Martinez even dating a woman like Jen Wood. NEVER!!!

    Maricopa County Prosecuting Attorney Mr. Juan Martinez is A CLASS ACT or A VERY SOPHISTICATED MAN!!!

    Jen Wood!!! LoL LoL LoL LoL LoL LoL LoL LoL LoL LoL LoL LoL LoL

      1. It is just HARD TO BELIEVE!

        Due to The Fact – Jen Wood is Total Nut Job!

        What redeeming qualities would Maricopa County Prosecuting Attorney Mr. Juan Martinez ever see in Jen Wood?

  12. What is the point of you coming out with this info now? Are you trying to ruin JM’s family, marriage and career? This “revelation” is harmful to everyone, it has no “journalistic benefit” and I think you just blew your own integrity out of the water. JA was found guilty, end of story. Are you trying to pour salt on the wounds of Travis’s family? Stop flogging a dead horse. You’re the one who looks petty and mean for being a snitch. Juan M has put away a lot of evil, guilty people. His life has meant something. What have you done that benefits society other than snitching out your best friend and a prosecutor who is good at his job? Shame on you, Tammy. You just flushed your reputation away.

    1. I didn’t know Juan was married. However, I didn’t do anything to anyone. Jen & Juan did. This bar complaint is coming out now because I tried to do the right thing two years ago by turning over my phone records. However, there is a lot more in it then just an affair with Jen. When I was asked about what was in my phone, I answered questions honestly. I had a career long before Jodi Arias and I will have a career long after this. But thanks for your comment and have a nice day.

      1. Tammy,

        “IF” any of these FALSE RUMORS are eventually proven to be true. This sounds just like The Former White House Scandal with Former President Mr. Bill Clinton and Intern Monica Lewinsky in The Years of 1995 to 1996; in which, The Truth did come out until The Year 1998. Former President Mr. Bill Clinton was almost EMPEACHED; due to the fact, He had an Inappropriate Sexual Relationship with a White House Intern. In which, He allowed Intern – Monica Lewinsky into The White House Oval Office; in which, a Tremendous Amount of Sensitive Information is on His Desk.

        Now, That I think about THIS MATTER.

        I understand YOUR CONCERNS – IF, this is proven to be TRUTHFUL & ACCURATE.

        Jen Wood is a Very Emotional Unstable Woman, and Jen Wood has proven Herself to be a Dangerous Person in The Community. She has HARASSED EVERYONE on Social Media. She has LIED on numerous occasions pretending to be affiliated with Media Organizations. Jen Wood does NOT have a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice. Jen Wood is a COMPLETE FRUAD.

        And, The Mere Thought – That Jen Wood has been in THE LEGAL OFFICE of Maricopa County Prosecuting Attorney Mr. Juan Martinez; in which, EXTREMELY SENSITIVE INFORMATION and SEALED INFORMATION BY THE SUPERIOR COURT is on HIS DESK. And, IF, Jen Wood – LEAKED – This Highly Sensitive Information on Social Media – The Phoenix FBI and The Arizona Bar Association should do an ETHICS INVESTIGATION.

        I do RESPECT & ADMIRE ~ Maricopa County Prosecuting Attorney Mr. Juan Martinez; due to the fact, He is a “Gifted Prosecuting Attorney in Maricopa County.”

        I will OPENELY DEFEND in Maricopa County Prosecuting Attorney Mr. Juan Martinez INNOCENSE. Until, I have been clearly been proven wrong.


        All I Know, Jen Wood started THIS FALSE – On-Line Rumor – TO GET ATTENTION on Social Media just to INCREASE HER – Facebook Followers and Twitter Followers.

        I am honestly having a very hard time believing Mr. Juan Martinez would ever date anyone woman like Jen Wood; due to the fact, Jen Wood is clearly EXTREMELY EMOTIONALLY UNBALANCED and A PATHOLOGICAL NARCISSITIC LIAR.

        Why, would HE even mess with a woman of That Lack of Social Creditability and That Lack of Emotional Creditability?

        It does NOT make any sense at all to RISK HIS CAREER like THAT.


        Even Former Chief Maricopa County Prosecuting Attorney Mr. Andrew Thomas was DISBARRED for engaging in “Malicious & False Prosecution” in The State of Arizona.

        I guess, we will all have to simply PATIENTLY WAIT for ~ The Investigative Findings ~ by The Arizona Bar Association – If, there any Ethical Violations committed ~ IF ANY – by Maricopa County Prosecuting Attorney Mr. Juan Martinez.

        I do believe that Jen Wood should be Immediately Officially Banned or Immediately Officially Trespassed from attending any and all ~ COURT PROCEEDINGS ~ at The Superior Court in Maricopa County in The State of Arizona.

        Jen Wood has NO VALID CREDENTIALS as a Journalist.

        Presently, There is NO VALID REASON for Jen Wood to be in The Superior Court ~ DURING ~ The Ethics Investigation with The Arizona Bar Association.

        Jen Wood does NOT have a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism.

        Jen Wood does NOT have a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice.

        Jen Wood does NOT even have an Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice from any Community College.

        Jen Wood has only been a HARASSED EVERYONE involved in The Jodi Ann Arias Criminal Case in The State of Arizona. In which, Jen Wood and Paul Sanders placed MY LIFE in danger in The Community by writing FALSE INFORMATION about me.

        I; Casandra T. Collins, fully support Maricopa County Prosecuting Attorney Mr. Juan Martinez.

        I; Casandra T. Collins, fully support – The Victim – Mr. Travis Alexander. May He Forever Rest In Peace!

        I; Casandra T. Collins, fully support The Victim’s Family – The Alexander Family and Travis Alexander’s Friends.



  13. I now wonder, If, Jen Wood is going to FALSELY CLAIM that, “She also has a STAINED BLUE DRESS from Her Alleged Marital Affair with Maricopa County Prosecuting Attorney Mr. Juan Martinez.”

    Jen Wood is so BIZARRE or A TOTAL NUT JOB!

    I can bet, “Jen Wood will FALSELY CLAIM, “She has ~ A STAINED ~ Blue Dress with Juan’s DNA on it.”

    I simply do NOT believe any comment made by Jen Wood.

    I will NEVER believe any comment made by Jen Wood. NEVER!!!
    NOT EVER!!!

    Jen Wood has REPEATELY PROVEN HERSELF to be a Pathological & Narcissistic LIAR.

    This just sounds ~ exactly like ~ The White House Scandal ~ between Former President Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky.

  14. Tammy,

    Now, That I think about THIS MATTER.

    I understand YOUR CONCERNS – IF, this is proven to be TRUTHFUL & ACCURATE.

    Jen Wood is a Very Emotional Unstable Woman, and Jen Wood has proven Herself to be a Dangerous Person in The Community.

    Jen Wood has HARASSED EVERYONE on Social Media.

    Jen Wood has LIED on numerous occasions pretending to be affiliated with Media Organizations.

    Jen Wood does NOT have a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism.

    Jen Wood does NOT have a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice.

    Jen Wood is a COMPLETE FRUAD.

    And, The Mere Thought – That Jen Wood has been in THE LEGAL OFFICE of Maricopa County Prosecuting Attorney Mr. Juan Martinez; in which, EXTREMELY SENSITIVE INFORMATION and SEALED INFORMATION BY THE SUPERIOR COURT is on HIS DESK. And, IF, Jen Wood – LEAKED – This Highly Sensitive Information on Social Media – The Phoenix FBI and The Arizona Bar Association should do an ETHICS INVESTIGATION.

  15. Tammy,

    Sorry, for my misspells. I do have a valid excuse – approximately 1 1/2 years ago – I suffered from a Total of (3) Mini Strokes. I safely assume, it was from all of The Stress from being a Part of The Jodi Ann Arias Criminal Case.

    JUSTICE & VICTORY for Mr. Travis Alexander!

    JUSTICE & VICTORY for The Alexander Family!

    I am being taken well care of now.

    I have an – Entire Group – of Home Health Care Nurses that take excellent care of me each day.

    I am still trying to get My Balance Back – While I am Walking.

    I will keep you in My Prayers each day.

    Be Blessed!

  16. I spelled – Empeachment – when it is – Impeachment.

    I noticed that, “I made a few misspells.”

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